Casa Carola Menu

   Our Cocido Madrileño is served at the centre of the table so that you can help yourself, with an open bar. As a welcome we serve a glass of Cava and a Cocido croquette.

   Pot of freshly made steaming broth with vermicelli. Our mouth-watering chickpeas, homegrown in Cabañas de Polendos (Segovia), new potatoes and fresh vegetables. All cooked al dente, with love. Yearling beef and chicken, chorizo, homemade black pudding, Iberian pork fat, pork knuckle and beef bone marrow.

   Condiments at the table: Virgen olive oil. Fresh tomato sauce with cumin and oregano. Pickled onions and Ibarra chili peppers. Basket of freshly baked bread. Jug of water and ice, Canal de Isabel II Madrid tap water.

   Dessert: Homemade desserts and ice cream. Fresh fruit. Coffee, Decaf and Infusions.

Price: 29,90 €uros/person (including VAT)


Drinks: Charged at menu price according to your order.

Groups of more than 12 people can choose the following option, with an open bar during lunch:

  • Madrid red wine, Rueda white wine, Navarra rosé, Beers and Soft Drinks.
  • Price: €6.00 /person (including VAT). With Reserva Rioja wine: €9.00 /person (including VAT)


The Cocido is served with an “open bar”; therefore, the price indicated is not per menu or portion but per person and/or occupied seat.

Children under 8 years of age who occupy a seat will be charged for the Children’s Cocido (€15).

Take Away

Many customers ask if there is an option to eat our Cocido Madrileño at home… Of course!! There are two ways to do it

  • Come and collect it: Call the restaurant to order the portions you want in advance and we will have it ready at the indicated time. Will provide everything you need to take it away. The price per portion is 21€.
  • Home delivery: This service is available on the takeaway home delivery website Deliveroo.
Groups Evening Menus


Carrot crudités with cream cheese.

A mug of our Cocido broth.

Our homemade chicken and boiled egg croquettes.

Fried chickpeas, sautéed with streaky bacon and onion rings.

Huevos rotos (fried eggs) on gently fried potatoes with a splash of ajo carbañil (pickled garlic) sauce and chopped ham.

Potato filled with cocido leftovers, covered in béchamel sauce and three cheeses, au gratin.


Blended spicy chickpea soup, with paprika and pork scratchings.

A mug of our Cocido broth.

Our homemade leek and carrot croquettes.

Fried eggs on fried chickpeas and chunks of cocido meat.

Chicken thighs filled with dried peaches and prunes.

“Madrileña” hamburger with ciabatta bread.


Blended chickpea soup with croutons and pork scratchings.

A mug of our Cocido broth.

Our homemade chopped ham croquettes.

Scrambled egg with black pudding in a basket of chips.

Battered hake fillets.

Beef shank medallions with mustard sauce.

22€/person (including VAT)

25€/person (including VAT)

28€/person (including VAT)

For all Menus:

  • As a welcome: A glass of Cava and Campo Real olives.
  • Jug of water and ice, Canal de Isabel II Madrid tap water.
  • Dessert: Mixed homemade desserts and ice cream.
  • Coffee, Decaf and Infusions

Drinks (Open bar for groups of more than 12 people) €6 x person:

  • Rueda “Oro de Castilla” white wine.
  • Navarra rosé.
  • “Madriz” red wine.
  • Beers, Soft drinks.

*If you would like to replace the Madrid red wine with a Reserva the price per person will be an extra €3.


These menus are of course merely a suggestion that we can modify as you wish in order to completely satisfy your desires and pockets.

Wine List
Oro de Castilla (2016) Verdejo 16.00€
Verderrubi (2015) Verdejo Ecológico 16.00€
Gran Feudo (2015) Garnacha 15.00€
MADRID (con el cocido, vino de Madrid)
De “Madriz” (2013) Garnacha 14.00€
De “Madriz” 1/2 (2013) Garnacha 9.00€
Las Retamas del Regajal (2015) Syrah, Merlot, C. Sauvignon y Tempranillo 18.00€
V de Valmores (2009) Syrah, Merlot y C. Sauvignon 20.00€
Tagonius CZA (2013) Syrah, Merlot, C. Sauvignon y Tempranillo 22.00€
Navaherreros (2015) Garnacha 21.00€
Marañones (2014) Garnacha 28.00€
CAVA Garnacha 19.00€
Jaume Serra Brut Nature Parellada, Macabeo y Xarel-lo 14.00€
Marqués de Velilla Roble (2015) Tinta del País 17.00€
Velveti Roble (2016) Tinta del País, Merlot 18.00€
Arzuaga CZA 3/8 (2013) Merlot, C.Sauvignon y Tempranillo 19.00€
Arzuaga CZA (2014) Merlot, C.Sauvignon y Tempranillo 25.00€
Dehesa de los Canónigos (2014) Tempranillo y C.Vauvignon 26.00€
Pesquera CZA (2014) Tempranillo 25.00€
Matarromera CZA 3/8 (2014) C. Sauvignon, Merlot 20.00€
Matarromera CZA (2014) C. Sauvignon, Merlot 27.00€
Pago de Capellanes CRZ (2015) Tempranillo 27.00€
Valbuena 5º Año (2012)  Tempranillo, C. Sauvignon, Merlot  99.00€
Pago de Capellanes RSVA (2013)  Tempranillo 54.00€
Cuna de Reyes Cosecha (2015) Tempranillo, Garnacha 12.00€
Cuna de Reyes CZA (2014) Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo 18.00€
Cuna de Reyes 1/2 CZA (2012) Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo 15.50€
Ramón Bilbao CZA (2014) Tempranillo 18.00€
Ramón Bilbao 3/8 CZA (2013) Tempranillo 15.50€
Luis Cañas CZA (2014) Tempranillo, Garnacha 19.00€
Azpilicueta CZA (2014) Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo 20.00€
Muga CZA (2014) Garnacha, Tempranillo, Graciano y Mazuelo 25.00€
Lealtanza Club RVA (2011) Tempranillo 23.00€
Viña Ardanza RVA (2008) Garnacha y Tempranillo 26.00€
Remelluri RVA (2009) Tempranillo 28.00€
Remelluri 3/8 RVA (2009) Tempranillo s/d
Predicador CZA (2014) Mazueo y Tempranillo 28.00€
Cuna de Reyes RVA (2010) Temmpranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo 36.00€
Cermeño (2016) Tinta de Toro 12.00€
Abadía Retuerta Selección (2012) Tempranillo, Syrah, C. Sauvignon 26.00€
Casa de la Viña (2016) Tempranillo 12.00€
Yllera (2013) Tempranillo 18.00€
Finca Antigua (2011) Tempranillo, C. Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah 17.00€
Carrascalejo (2016) Monastrel 12.00€
Heredad de Ansón (2016) Merlot, Syrah 15.00€
Dominio de Ontur (2016) Merlot 12.00€
Mesta (2013) Tempranillo 12.00€


Los precios de esta carta pueden sufrir variaciones dependiendo del mercado.

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